Bloober Team Discusses The Medium’s Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS Support

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Image: Bloober Team

The Medium made waves back in July when it was introduced during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase. In an exclusive interview with Wccftech, producer Jacek Zięba confirmed that the title would support ray tracing just like Bloober Team’s previous title, Observer: System Redux, as well as NVIDIA DLSS.

We have two supported ray tracing modes for The Medium – Performance Mode that has enabled reflections and RTAO in all performant locations (when only one world is rendered), and Quality Mode, which features reflections, RTAO, hybrid translucent, and some RT shadows enabled for the whole game world. The latter is paired with DLSS and some other NVIDIA improvements but requires a lot of hardware power.

What’s unique about The Medium is that the majority of the game will be a third-person, dual-reality experience in which players will see two different realities side-by-side. This relates to why Zięba mentions that RTAO will be used in all performant locations when only one world is being rendered.

PC system requirements have largely stayed the same since its original announcement, but the install size has increased from 30 to 55 GB. An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 is recommended for 4K with ray tracing, but something more powerful might be needed (quality mode for ray tracing will require “a lot of hardware power”). The Medium will release for PC on Epic Games Store and Steam on January 28, as well as Xbox Series X|S.

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