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Someone should tell Sony’s marketing department that the company shouldn’t make promises that it might not be able to keep.

Following alleged admissions made by customer support reps, an increasing number of XBR X900H (XH900 in Europe) owners are venting over the possibility that their new HDTVs won’t be getting support for two major gaming-related HDMI 2.1 features: Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). This is quite embarrassing for Sony, as the company had promised the implementation of these features on a variety of promotional materials, going so far as to deliberately market these televisions as being “ready for PlayStation 5.”

It isn’t clear whether there’s been a miscommunication by Sony’s engineers or if support representatives are simply clueless, but the fact that Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low latency Mode features are being scrubbed from X900H sites isn’t a good sign. Not all hope is lost, however, as the official specifications page comparing the four models still lists VRR and ALLM as part of their HDMI 2.1 features.

“It’s perhaps worth saying that Sony has previously stated to me that the reason it has been taking so long to add VRR and ALLM to the X900H/XH90 is that it’s been waiting for the official ratification of these features by the HDMI Org,” Forbes’ John Archer noted in his coverage. “Something that has only just happened.”

XBR X900H Series owners have also been sounding off about an issue that results in 4K 120 Hz output looking like a blurry mess. Sony has pushed out an update that attempts to resolve the problem, but many users are saying that it doesn’t work correctly.

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  1. I just bought the 75" model specifically for those features. I’ll be returning the set if they won’t be implementing them. If I can’t I’ll be looking into a small claims or class action.
  2. That’s why its never a good idea to buy something based on future features not implemented at the time of sale. Promising added features via a patch is the same as saying: "The check’s in the mail". You should be skeptical at the very least.
    1. Except when I bought the TV the end of November the HDMI 2.1 update had already been released. This is actually the first I’m hearing that VRR and ALLM wasn’t a part of that update. Because I haven’t been able to get my hands on a PS5 or 3 series nvidia card I had to trust that the Sony released specifications both on their page and the store page where I bought it was accurate. I don’t think being able to trust the manufacturers specifications is really a huge expectation.
  3. If I’m going to spend big money on a TV it will be on an LG product. Condolences to everyone affected by another Sony blunder.
  4. It’s more likely that Sony Electronics simply does not care what Sony Interactive does and vice versa. The fact that Electronics is using the "not ratified into the spec" as an excuse is telling, considering the spec was finalized and published at the beginning of the year. Why would they expect anything about it would change? This is why I hate that HDMI Forum made all these supposedly tentpole features optional.
  5. I thought the update was already released… but not like I have anything 4K/120 to test with. I got mine on BF, really it’s an awesome TV so far.
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