Godzilla vs. Kong Releasing Early in Theaters and HBO Max

Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has revealed that Godzilla vs. Kong will be hitting theaters and HBO Max on March 26 instead of May 21. This is an exciting albeit surprising development, being that the release date is only 10 weeks away but nobody has seen a trailer yet, let alone a single production photo.

The new date also seems to confirm that Warner Bros. and Legendary have settled their differences and made up after the latter threatened what could have been a long and expensive legal battle over allegations of self dealing.

“Legendary and Warner Bros are poised to settle their fight over Godzilla vs. Kong, the fourth monster movie between the two which the former financed the $200 million-plus production at 75%, with the movie keeping its simultaneous theatrical and HBO Max release date May 21,” Deadline reported last Friday.

“Legends collide as Godzilla and Kong, the two most powerful forces of nature, clash in a spectacular battle for the ages,” a synopsis for the film reads. “As a squadron embarks on a perilous mission into fantastic uncharted terrain, unearthing clues to the Titans’ very origins and mankind’s survival, a conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever.”

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