Intel 11th Gen Core “Rocket Lake-S” and “Comet Lake-S Refresh” CPU Pricing Teased

Image: Intel

A Belgium retailer called 2Compute has shared the purported prices for Intel’s upcoming lineup of 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake-S and refreshed Comet Lake processors. While these prices are unlikely to be a match for their MSRPs in the States, they do give us a decent idea of how they might compare to Intel’s previous generation and AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Series. You can check them out in the tables below.

“2Compute sells the Core i9-10900K, Core i7-10700K and Core i5-10600K for $555, $398 and $282, respectively,” Tom’s Hardware noted in its coverage. “Therefore, the Core i9-11900K and Core i7-11700K could cost up to 8.8% and 14.3% more, respectively, while the Core i5-11600K may arrive with a 3.9% higher price tag.”

Intel 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S Pricing

ProcessorPricing (Excl. VAT)Cores / ThreadsBase Clock (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)Part Number
Core i9-11900K$6048/163.516BX8070811900K
Core 9-11900KF$5758/163.516BX8070811900KF
Core i9-11900$4938/162.516BX8070811900
Core i9-11900F$4648/162.516BX8070811900F
Core i7-11700K$4558/163.616BX8070811700K
Core i7-11700KF$4268/163.616BX8070811700KF
Core i7-11700$3708/162.516BX8070811700
Core i7-11700F$3418/162.516BX8070811700F
Core i5-11600K$2936/123.912BX8070811600K
Core i5-11600KF$2656/123.912BX8070811600KF
Core i5-11600$2506/122.812BX8070811600
Core i5-11500$2276/122.712BX8070811500
Core i5-11400$2056/122.612BX8070811400
Core i5-11400F$1766/122.612BX8070811400F

Intel 11th Generation Comet Lake Refresh Pricing

ProcessorPricing (Excl. VAT)Cores / ThreadsBase Clock (GHz)L3 Cache (MB)Part Number
Core i3-10305$1724/83.88BX8070110305
Core i3-10105$1404/83.76BX8070110105
Core i3-10105F$944/83.76BX807011010SF
Pentium G6605$1092/44.34BX80701G6605
Pentium G6405$792/44.14BX80701 G6405

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Pricing

Model SEP (USD)Cores/ThreadsTDP (Watts)Boost/Base Freq. (GHz)Total CacheCooler
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X$79916C/32T105WUp to 4.9 / 3.472MBN/A
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X$54912C/24T105WUp to 4.8 / 3.770MBN/A
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X$4498C/16T105WUp to 4.7 / 3.836MBN/A
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X$2996C/12T65WUp to 4.6 / 3.735MBWraith Stealth

“Featuring 19% gen-over-gen instructions per cycle (IPC) improvement¬†for the highest frequency cores and headlined by the Intel Core i9-11900K, these processors will bring even more performance to gamers and PC enthusiasts at launch in the first quarter of 2021,” Intel wrote in a recent press release.

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