Sony Preparing PS5 Update for Compatibility Issue Preventing HDR in 4K/120 Hz Mode on Samsung TVs

Image: Sony

If you’re a Samsung TV owner who’s dismayed by the fact that you can’t enjoy PlayStation 5 games in 4K/120 Hz with HDR enabled, don’t fret, as Sony is working on an update that will make that beautiful combination possible. The news was revealed by a moderator on Samsung’s official support forums, who noted that the update should be released sometime in March. Oddly enough, only the PS5 needs to be patched—it doesn’t appear that Samsung’s TVs will require any sort of complementary update.

“We have just received information from our technicians about PS5 with 4K 120 Hertz,” the moderator wrote. “Currently not working (as you all know) 4K + 120 Hertz + HDR. As a workaround, you can either reduce it to 60 Hertz or switch off HDR, then it works.”

“The error was localized and Sony is expected to release an update in March to make 4K 120 Hz HDR possible. Please keep the PlayStation up to date with the latest software. The TV does not need a software update (but we recommend that you always keep the software up-to-date for reasons of stability and security). The TV doesn’t have to be repaired either, so you don’t need to contact support.”

According to a report from Forbes’ John Archer, who confirmed the issue back in December, the majority of Samsung’s premium 2020 4K TVs are affected. That would include the Q70T, Q80T, Q85T, Q90T, and Q95T models, as well as Samsung’s Q900R and Q950T 8K TVs.

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