G4 Is Officially Returning This Summer

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Image: G4

After a nearly decades-long hiatus, video-game-focused TV network G4tv is making its big comeback later this year. The news was confirmed by G4TV’s official Twitter account, which tweeted an image of a TV listing some of the network’s biggest hits (e.g. X-Play, Attack of the Show!) and a summer 2021 premiere date.

“Maybe you’re a fan from way back,” G4 wrote on its newly launched website. “Maybe your friend told you to come here to get a free t-shirt. Well, the t-shirts are all gone, but we’ve got this super cool ‘About Us’ article you’re reading, so that’s something. The most important thing is, yes, G4 IS BACK.”

“Like for real. It’s really coming back. There’s a website with a fancy purple shape design with stars in it and everything. You might be asking, ‘Why relaunch a TV network about video games now? We already have Twitch and YouTube!’ Great question, we’ll think about it.”

The website goes on to confirm that the G4 revival will feature gaming shows, pop culture shows, and live special programming, all of which will “look awesome, but also kind of low budget at the same time.” It isn’t clear whether some of the video game network’s most popular ex-hosts (e.g., Geoff Keighley, Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Olivia Munn) will return, but the G4 team has promised that it’s assembling a diverse team that’s reflective of the modern gaming community.

Tsing Mui
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