NVIDIA’s Latest GeForce Hotfix Driver (461.51) Addresses G-SYNC and LG CX OLED TV Issues

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NVIDIA has released GeForce Hotfix Driver version 461.51. Based on its recent Game Ready Driver (461.40), the company’s newest hotfix addresses various issues that include stuttering and low FPS in Edge of Eternity and Hitman 2 when G-SYNC is enabled under certain conditions, as well as LG’s CX OLED TVs not being recognized as G-SYNC compatible displays. A potential signal issue related to GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards and NVIDIA’s multi-monitor technology, NVIDIA Surround, has also been fixed.

The hotfix addresses the following issues:

  • [Ampere] Chrome/Edge may experience random TDR while browsing [3195894]
  • [G-SYNC][Edge of Eternity/Hitman 2]: The games experience stutter and low FPS when Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in windowed mode [200685971]
  • Wallpaper Engine app may crash on startup or upon resume from sleep. [3208963]
  • [461.40] LG CX OLED TVs (2020) are not recognized as G-SYNC Compatible displays [3244055]
  • [Surround][RTX 30 series] PC may display no signal message when enabling NVIDIA Surround [3230565]
  • On some Notebooks ‘Maximum Graphics Power’ information missing in NV Control Panel – System Information [200697069]

Windows 10 64-bit Standard Driver – Click Here
Windows 10 64-bit DCH Driver – Click Here

“Functionally, there is no difference between NVIDIA’s Standard and DCH drivers,” NVIDIA explains. “While the base core component files remain the same, the way DCH drivers are packaged and installed differs from previous (Standard) drivers. When directly comparing the two driver types, the DCH driver package has a smaller size and a faster installation time than the Standard package.”

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