Apple Partners with TSMC to Develop Micro OLED Displays

Image: Apple

Apple has reportedly partnered with TSMC to develop micro OLED displays. The news comes from Nikkei Asia, which noted that this ultra-advanced technology was being designed for Apple’s upcoming augmented reality devices. Recent rumors have suggested that at least one of these models will feature dual 8K displays.

“Apple is collaborating with its longtime chip supplier TSMC because micro OLED displays are not built on glass substrates like the conventional LCD screens in smartphones and TVs, or OLED displays used in high-end smartphones,” Nikkei explained. “Instead, these new displays are built directly onto wafers — the substrates that semiconductors are fabricated on — allowing for displays that are far thinner and smaller and use less power, making them more suitable for use in wearable AR devices.”

“Panel players are good at making screens bigger and bigger, but when it comes to thin and light devices like AR glasses, you need a very small screen,” a source added. “Apple is partnering with TSMC to develop the technology because the chipmaker’s expertise is making things ultra-small and good, while Apple is also leveraging panel experts’ know-how on display technologies.”

The project reportedly involves dozens of veterans from Taiwanese display maker AU Optronics and is already at the trial production stage, although it will take several years for the tiny panels to achieve mass production. Aside from micro OLED, Apple is also hedging its bets on micro LED technology.

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