PlayStation 5 SoC Smiles for the Camera

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Image: Fritzchens Fritz

Berlin-based hardware photographer Fritzchens Fritz, who’s best known for his macro shots of silicon, has shared a handful of images that reveal what the Sony PlayStation 5’s system-on-a-chip looks like up close. The shots appear to be confirm that the console lacks Infinity Cache, which AMD introduced as part of its RNDA 2 graphics architecture to enable higher levels of power-efficient performance. This can be determined by the fact that the caches are clearly separate.

“AMD RDNA 2 Architecture is even more efficient than before with the introduction of AMD Infinity Cache, an all-new cache level that enables high bandwidth performance at low power and low latency,” AMD explained on its official RDNA 2 landing page.

“This global cache is seen by the entire graphics core, capturing temporal re-use and enabling data to be accessed instantaneously. Leveraging the best high frequency approaches from ‘Zen’ architecture, AMD Infinity Cache enables scalable performance for the future.”

Others have pointed out that the Xbox Series X doesn’t feature AMD’s Infinity Cache feature either, but Microsoft’s next-gen console retains an obvious advantage over its competitor’s spec sheet with a more powerful, 12.15 TFLOPS GPU (52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz vs. PS5’s 10.28 TFLOPS GPU with 36 CUs @ 2.23 GHz). A die shot of the Xbox Series X can be found below.

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