Valheim Has Now Sold 3 Million Copies

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Image: Iron Gate AB

Viking survival game Valheim has now managed to sell 3 million copies. The news was revealed by developer Iron Gate AB this morning, which shared an article on Steam confirming that the title had hit another incredible milestone just three weeks after its release on February 2, 2021. This is rather impressive for an indie game that was reportedly created by a team of just five developers and is still in early access.

“To keep up with the old norse references, this is now equivalent to 74,319 longhouses stuffed with Vikings singing songs and celebrating victory with some great tasting mead, so.. SKÅL!” the developer wrote.

  • Over 60,000 ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ reviews
  • Officially entered the Steam’s Top 250 best reviewed games of all time (we’re 78th and climbing!)
  • Currently 7th most streamed game on twitch, surpassing CS:GO, Dota 2, Minecraft and Rust
  • Over 20 million hours of gameplay already watched – now help us find a Viking reference for this one!

“The Iron Gate team wanted to share one more big thank you to everyone who has already joined us on this exciting journey of mythological proportions. […] Praise Odin!”

We suspect that Iron Gate AB will be celebrating another record soon, as the momentum and coverage behind Valheim only seems to be growing. Interest in the viking survival game is also set to pick up based on its 2021 roadmap, which includes various updates such as the addition of a new biome (Mistlands) and more ways to travel by sea.

Tsing Mui
News poster at The FPS Review.

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