Noctua Teases Redux CPU Coolers

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Image: Noctua

Noctua has released an image teasing its new line of lower-priced Redux CPU coolers. They appear to have a much thinner heatsink than traditional designs. The heatsink also looks similar to the NH-U12’s, but with only four visible heat pipes instead of five. The Redux seems to retain aluminum fins and nickel-plated heat pipes as well.

It also features a single fan and a shroud that is similar in thickness to the heatsink, although it looks to be a bit taller. The fan’s color is beige, which breaks away from Noctua’s well-known brown color. It isn’t clear what Redux fan is used here, but the series ranges from 700 PWM to 1800 PWM, giving way to a wide variety of possibilities.

The design is likely aimed at budget-minded enthusiasts who aren’t using demanding or extremely overclocked processors. According to its roadmap, Noctua is planning to release the new Reux line sometime in Q1 2021. Prices and availability have not been announced.

Peter Brosdahl
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