Palit Reportedly Bringing GeForce GTX 1060 Out of Retirement to Mine Cryptocurrency

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Palit Microsystems may be reviving NVIDIA’s Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1060 graphics cards in response to the booming cryptocurrency market. This is according to a report published by PC Gamer, which discovered new filings today at the Eurasian Economics Commission hinting at numerous new P106 SKUs from the Taiwanese-based manufacturer. As the publication points out, these models were specifically designed for cryptomining and were a huge hit with miners during the previous mining craze in 2017.

Name of goods: NE6P106918J9-1160A, NE6P106918J9-1160X, NE6P106918J9-1160D, NE6P106918J9 -1160F, NE6P106917J9-1160A, NE6P106917J9-1160X, NE6P106917J9-1160D, NE6P106917J9-1160F,NE6P10691CJ9-1160A, NE6P10691CJ9-1160X, NE6P10691CJ9-1160D, NE6P10691CJ9-1160F.

“The original Palit P106 cards had slightly different product codes, with these newly registered versions sporting a similar designation to the GTX 16-series cards,” PC Gamer noted. “Though I doubt these will be updated to use the TU116 GPU, otherwise we’d be seeing the P116 listing instead.”

“Back during the last big cryptocurrency mining craze both AMD and Nvidia responded to the then-unprecedented demand by massively upping its GPU manufacturing, though when the bottom fell out of the market second-hand cards started flooding the market. That meant no-one wanted to buy new cards, which left both the green and red teams—and their graphics card partners—with a huge amount of excess stock sitting in warehouses across the globe.”

Thus, the working theory is that Palit has dusted off its stock of old, unsold GeForce RTX 1060 graphics cards to capitalize on the cryptomining craze and GPU shortage. According to PC Gamer, the P106 GPU has a hash rate that’s similar to the lowest member of NVIDIA’s new Cryptomining Mining Processor Series, the CMP 30HX (26 MH/s).

Tsing Mui
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