Dying Light 2 Developer Announces Dev Update for March 17

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Image: Techland

Dying Light 2 developer Techland is promising to give a dev update on its upcoming game next week. It has also started a new Discord server to provide news and content for the game. After numerous delays, it is possible that the zombie sequel could be getting a new release date.

This will be the first update following a tumultuous year for the developer. It follows another made back in January 2020 indicating how the initial spring 2020 release was getting pushed back. PCGamesN then reported that Techland had severed ties with one of its writers amid controversy. Most recently, narrative lead Pawel Selinger decided to move on after 22 years with Techland. He expressed his gratitude and wished the best for the team. He hopes the new game and others will be big hits for them.

A 26-minute 4K gameplay demo was released back in 2019 showcasing the game’s stunning visuals and gameplay mechanics. It featured an entire in-game mission. Various trailers were also released back then, but none since. Dying Light 2 will launch on both console and PC.


It’s been 15 years since humanity lost to the virus. Plunged into Modern Dark Ages, the last human settlement fights for survival in a primal, unforgiving world where you need to fear both the infected and the living. Your remarkable agility, mastery in combat, and quick wits give you the power to bring The City back from the brink of extinction. The fate of humanity’s last refuge is in your hands.

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