System Shock Demo and The Fabled Woods Get NVIDIA DLSS

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Image: Night Dive Studios

Night Dive Studios’ System Shock demo and CyberPunch Studios’ The Fabled Woods are the latest titles to be blessed with support for NVIDIA’s game-changing deep learning super sampling upscaling technology, DLSS. Green team confirmed the additions in a new post on the GeForce blog today, which includes benchmarks showing what kind of performance improvements GeForce RTX 30 Series owners can expect with the feature enabled. It appears that NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 users can enjoy average frame rates of up to 196 FPS and 86 FPS in 4K with DLSS’ Performance Mode switched on in System Shock and The Fabled Woods, respectively.

“[…] you can download a demo [of System Shock] today, which has been enhanced with NVIDIA DLSS (using our Unreal Engine 4 plugin) to more than double your frame rate at 4K,” NVIDIA wrote. “With this massive speed up, the majority of our GeForce RTX 30 Series desktop GPUs can max out System Shock’s graphics at 4K and still play a buttery smooth 120 FPS for the definitive experience. And at 2560×1440, every single GeForce RTX GPU can play System Shock at over 144 FPS, with most exceeding 240 FPS!”

The Fabled Woods, from newcomer CyberPunch Studios and veteran publisher Headup Games, leverages our Unreal Engine 4 NVIDIA DLSS plugin to bring the tech’s signature enhancements to their adventure game, enabling the GeForce RTX 3070 and up to experience the title with maxed out settings and all ray tracing effects enabled at over 60 FPS at 3840×2160. Implemented in less than a day with no assistance from NVIDIA, DLSS’s recently-released Unreal Engine 4 plug ‘n’ play plugin delivers performance boosts of up to 1.6x at 4K.”

NVIDIA also pointed out that DLSS was recently added to the remastered version of Crytek’s legendary first-person shooter, Crysis. According to the Frankfurt-based developer, NVIDIA DLSS is capable of improving the performance in the game by as much as 40 percent. Crytek has warned that players may experience blurry textures with the feature enabled, however.

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