CD PROJEKT RED’s Next Cyberpunk 2077 Patch Will Address Unrealistic Police Spawning, Improve Vehicle Handling

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CD PROJEKT RED’s next major patch for Cyberpunk 2077 will address some of the controversial sci-fi title’s issues relating to police behavior and the handling of its vehicles. The Polish publisher detailed the upcoming changes in a news post presented in the form of an in-universe broadcast by Night City reporter Gillean Jordan yesterday, which confirmed that Patch 1.2 should result in fewer cops magically spawning behind players and adjustments to speed and steering to make driving easier. Other improvements include an “unstuck feature” that can be used when vehicles get trapped on objects, as well as the option of turning off double-tapping the movement key to dodge and more options for WASD bindings on keyboards.

“NCPD Quick Response Team too quick?”

“This is an important step in addressing the behavior of the police in our game. It should decrease the problem of NPCs spawning behind players’ backs and create an impression that it takes some time for the police to arrive at the crime scene after the crime has been reported. We’ve also added a recon ‘drone’ unit to create the feeling of the police assessing the situation.” — Patryk, Lead Gameplay Designer & Łukasz, Technical Design Coordinator, CD PROJEKT RED

“Vehicular manslaughter statistics higher than ever”

“Analyzing feedback on our driving model suggested a lot of players were having issues with the speed of the steering. Most complaints came from players using keyboards on PC or were on platforms with lower frame rates, and centered around how hard it was to keep cars off the sidewalks and such.”

“We have added a Steering Sensitivity slider to the Options menu. This allows the steering speed for all vehicles and all input devices to be slowed down, without affecting the maximum turn radius.”

“When experiencing lower frame rates, our cars were harder to control. We traced this to some code that wasn’t handling extreme changes in frame rate properly. The steering speed is now very consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS.”

“Last, we looked at a bunch of tweaks to individual cars and adjusted some of them that were too twitchy in low frame rates, including the player’s Archer Hella.” — Séamus, Senior Vehicle Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED

“Rock&Roll for racers”

“There are cases where our vehicles can get beached or high centered on stuff in Night City. We have now added an Unstuck feature that kicks in when you are accelerating and not moving. While holding down the accelerator, you can now rock the vehicle forward or back, or rotate it left/right.” — Séamus, Senior Vehicle Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED

“Update your neuroprocessor drivers or die”

“Dodge on double-tapping a movement key can be turned off in the Controls settings. The Dodge action can still be performed by double-tapping the Crouch(toggle) action key (default C). It should now be more feasible to move WASD bindings around the keyboard. There still remain a few bindings that need to be addressed, but these should be fixed in upcoming patches.” — Wojtek, Tools Programmer, CD PROJEKT RED

According to a tweet from February, CD PROJEKT RED is aiming to release Patch 1.2 later this month. The developer had planned to make the patch available earlier but couldn’t do so due to the recent cyber attack on the studio, which had a significant effect on its IT infrastructure.

Tsing Mui
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