Intel’s First Discrete Iris Xe Desktop Graphics Card Only Works with Two Motherboards

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Image: ASUS

Intel’s first Iris Xe desktop graphics card, the ASUS DG1-4G, only works with two motherboards. The GPU’s limited support has been confirmed by ASUS, which published a specifications sheet on its official site that only shows the ASUS PRIME H410M-A/CSM and Pro B460M-C/CSM under the compatible models section. Intel had previously warned that its first Iris Xe desktop graphics cards would be exclusive to pre-built systems.

“The Iris Xe discrete add-in card will be paired with 9th gen (Coffee Lake-S) and 10th gen (Comet Lake-S) Intel Core desktop processors and Intel(R) B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipset-based motherboards and sold as part of pre-built systems,” Intel wrote in a statement to Legit Reviews in January. “These motherboards require a special BIOS that supports Intel Iris Xe, so the cards won’t be compatible with other systems.”

According to the official specifications sheet, ASUS’ DG1-4G graphics card features 80 Execution Units, 4 GB of LPDDR4 memory, a memory clock of 4,266 MHz, and a PCIe 3.0 interface. Output options include 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI port, and 1x DVI-D port, while maximum resolution is listed as 4,096 x 2304 @ 60 Hz. The DG1-4G also measures in at 4.3 inch x 6.8 inch (11 cm x 17.3 cm).

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