Battlefield 2021 Is Reportedly Just Called “Battlefield,” Takes Place in Near Future with “Revolutionary” Campaign

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Image: EA/DICE

Industry insider Tom Henderson has shared information on what EA and DICE are purportedly planning for this year’s iteration of their hit FPS franchise, Battlefield. Apparently, Battlefield 6 will simply be called BATTLEFIELD and take place in the near futureā€”around a decade from now. Henderson also claims that Battlefield 2021 will feature a revolutionary, co-op enabled campaign that lets players choose whether they want to fight alongside the United States or Russia as part of a specialist unit. Unfortunately, the reveal trailer isn’t expected to feature any gameplay or multiplayer footage.

Multiplayer will feature bigger and better battles and is described as ā€œBattlefield Ā¾ on steroidsā€, with a Battle Royale also on the way at some stage. The Battle Royale experience will be completely disconnected from the Firestorm name and instead will adopt a new name, probably for obvious reasons. Players will still be able to play as the 4 different types of soldiers, but instead of just having unique gadgets, players will also have different ā€œabilitiesā€, which are similar to Call of Duty perks. For example a Scout soldier might have silent footsteps, whereas an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for a longer duration.

Source: Tom Henderson

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