Intel Promises to Release iGPU Drivers for Rocket Lake-S Processors on Monday

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Image: Intel

It’s been a couple of days since Intel launched its new lineup of 11th Gen Core “Rocket Lake-S” processors, but for some inexplicable reason, the company never bothered posting the drivers that users will require to take full advantage of their CPUs’ integrated graphics. Lisa Pearce (VP of Architecture, Graphics, and Software at Intel) initially warned that the drivers wouldn’t surface for weeks, but following increasing discontent from owners, their release has been escalated to this Monday, April 5. The few reviews out there that managed to demonstrate Intel’s UHD Graphics 750 performance were made possible with the help of a special press driver.

I didn’t believe what he showed me until I went to Intel’s website myself, and indeed – there are no public drivers available for the UHD 750. This is really a shame, because to be honest – despite it’s meager performance – the iGPU of Rocketlake is a selling point to consider when the price of what GPUs are selling for is up to twice their MSRP, especially now that Intel supports VESA Adaptive Sync.

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