After a year of filming, Netflix has wrapped production on the second season of its hit TV show based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s popular series of fantasy novels, The Witcher. The world’s biggest streaming service celebrated the end of production with a new behind the scenes video, which includes movie star and occasional PC gamer Henry Cavill thanking the 1,200-strong crew for their hard work. Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich also noted that the shoot lasted 158 days and took place in 15 locations.

Filming on Season 2 begin in February 2020, but production halted shortly thereafter due to the coronavirus pandemic.Scheduling delays prompted the exit of Thue Rasmussen and the recasting of Basil Eidenbenz in the popular Witcher Eskel role. Production resumed in August 2020, but was halted again in November due to multiple positive Covid-19 cases.

Sources: Netflix, Deadline

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  1. Ok I’m looking for ward to this. Yennifer is amazing and well.. very easy on the eyes. Henry Cavil is amazing in a bro crush dude you game sort of way. I want to see him succeed so I can vicariously think. “gee if I got into the best shape of my blood line and had talent and ability and charisma I would be just like him.”

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