GIGABYTE Begins Offering GeForce GT 1030 Pascal Graphics Cards Again

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A growing number of graphics card manufacturers have opted to dust off some of their older SKUs to help gamers and like-minded enthusiasts cope with the insufferable shortage of GPUs. The latest is GIGABYTE, which, based on new supply obtained by Japan’s Hermitage Akihabara and other retailers, has seemingly revived its Pascal-era GeForce GT 1030 (GV-N1030D4-2GL) from 2017. Despite its relatively measly 384 CUDA Core count and 2 GB of DDR4 memory, the card is already going for as high as $120 above its original MSRP.

NVIDIA and its distributors probably have quite a few GP107 and GP10 graphics processors left since the GPU developer never made small entry-level chips based on its Turing architecture. The smallest GPU in the Turing family — the TU117 — has a die size of 200 mm2, which is quite large for low-end AIBs that are supposed to be cheap. By contrast, the GP108 is 70 mm2 or 74 mm2, whereas the GP107 is 132 mm2. That said, expect more entry-level Pascal products to emerge in the coming months.

Sources: Hermitage Akihabra, Tom’s Hardware

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