Marvel Studios Releases New Trailer for Black Widow

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Image: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has released a new trailer for its next, long-overdue superhero film, Black Widow. The movie, which would have been released on May 1, 2020 if it weren’t for the pandemic, is expected to unlock some of the secrets behind popular Avengers member Natasha Romanoff as she takes on skilled tactician and super villain Taskmaster. Black Widow will be released in theaters and on the Disney+ Premier Access tier on July 9.

In Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

Source: Marvel Studios

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