Outriders’ Single-Player Mode Can’t Be Paused Unless You’ve Got an NVIDIA Graphics Card

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Image: Square Enix

Similar to an increasing number of always-online, GaaS (games as a service) titles, Square Enix’s new cooperative role-playing third-person game Outriders features a single-player mode that doesn’t allow players to pause the game. One clever poster on r/Outriders has figured out the solution to this, however—NVIDIA graphics cards users who have GeForce Experience installed can activate green team’s exclusive in-game capture technology, Ansel, to freeze the game at any time in single player simply by hitting Alt F2. Unfortunately, the requirement of Ansel means that AMD Radeon GPU owners can’t leverage the same trick to pause Outriders in its single-player mode.

Owners of Nvidia GPUs will be familiar with GeForce Experience, the software that downloads driver updates and forgets your password. It also comes with a photo mode called Ansel that you can enter in supported games by pressing Alt-F2, then zooming around in free-camera applying post-processing filters and so on. Outriders is one of those supported games and, when you’re not partied-up, you can use it to pause then finally go to the toilet, answer the door, let the dog out, pay attention to your loved ones, or whatever.

Sources: r/Outriders, PC Gamer

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