Image: AMD

AMD will reportedly launch its Zen 3-based Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series processors in the fall of 2021. This is according to leaker @KittyYyuko, who tweeted that red team is planning to release new-generation Threadripper CPUs in August. Popular system information and diagnostics tool HWiNFO has also published an update that alludes to a new round of these high-end processors, which target creators, developers, and other demanding enthusiasts.

The next-gen Threadripper series codenamed “Chagall” is expected to be compatible with current TRX40 motherboards, thus motherboard makers are currently waiting for a new AGESA firmware update with Chagall support, not to mention the actual engineering samples. The fact that those were not distributed yet, might confirm the rumor that the launch date is pushed back.

Sources: @KittyYyuko, Guru3D, HWiNFO, VideoCardz

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  1. [QUOTE=”DrezKill, post: 32159, member: 230″]
    I was wondering when we’d see Zen 3 Threadripper.
    Me too!

    I don’t [I]need[/I] one, but if I were to go anywhere, this is the one that makes the most sense…

    Mostly because I’d want more bandwidth for more NVMe drives, probably a hardware drive controller*, and perhaps more USB4 ports if those become ‘a thing’.

    *[I’ve developed a hatred for all forms of software RAID available on a Windows system; ZFS on Windows would probably be alright if that becomes a thing too, but we’ll probably have to wait for Microsoft to rebase to the Linux kernel for that to become truly viable…]

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