Microsoft Edge Overtakes Firefox in Desktop Browser Market Share

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Image: Microsoft

Despite officially releasing only a year and three months ago on January 15, 2020, Microsoft’s modern, Chromium-infused version of Edge is rapidly gaining in popularity against its veteran competitors. These include Mozilla’s long-running Firefox browser, which, according to new data shared by StatCounter and compiled by Windows Latest, has already fallen behind Edge in desktop market share and popularity (8.03 percent vs. 7.95 percent for the month of March). While Google Chrome still remains king with a seemingly unbeatable 67.14 percent in market share, the increasing popularity of Edge suggests that Microsoft’s browser can actually compete to some degree, particularly against Mozilla and Apple’s offerings.

Edge has enjoyed steady growth since last year and it could also surpass Apple’s macOS exclusive offering in 2021. Microsoft is clearly doing better, but it seems that people are still taking time to leave the discontinued Internet Explorer. As per the report, Internet Explorer has a market share of 1.7 percent and it’s losing users at a slow pace. It’s also worth noting that Firefox still has a larger overall share than Edge when numbers from mobile and tablet are considered, but it’s dipping slowly as well.

Source: Windows Latest, PC Gamer

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