GeForce RTX 30 Series’ Resizable BAR Feature Can Be Enabled for Any Game via NVIDIA Profile Inspector

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NVIDIA enabled Resizable BAR, an optional PCI Express interface technology for increasing performance in select games, for GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards last month. As of March 30, this feature only officially supports 17 titles (e.g., Battlefield V, Control, Hitman 3), but more adventurous users can actually expand Resizable BAR support to any game they wish with the help of Orbmu2k’s profile modification tool, NVIDIA Profile Inspector. All users have to do is highlight the title they wish to test, hit the second-to-last button on the toolbar to bring up its list of unknown settings, and then adjust the appropriate flags (i.e., 0x000F00BA, 0x000F00BB, 0x000F00FF).

Resizable BAR doesn’t necessarily deliver flat-out performance increase in all games, even in the titles that NVIDIA already whitelisted. Additionally, while some manufacturers have enabled support for Intel 9th-gen CPUs and relative motherboards (Z390), the tests conducted by Babel Tech Reviews show that you’re probably better keeping it off if you’re equipped with that CPU/motherboard combination as some titles show severe performance losses once Resizable BAR is enabled.

Sources: Wccftech, Overclockers UK, NVIDIA, GitHub

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