Windows 10’s User Interface Design Update Teased in New Images

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly planning to introduce a major visual overhaul for Windows 10’s user interface in the second half of 2021. A deleted image by a Microsoft employee, which shows a future iteration of the Windows Terminal app, seems to suggest that one of the major changes of the so-called “Sun Valley” design update will be rounded menu corners, as well as what appears to be more significant transparency effects. While Microsoft’s new Windows 10 design is likely still a work in progress, this is not the first leak that has suggested that the company intends to transition away from the operating system’s traditional, hard corners.

Currently, we don’t know if this change is exclusive to internal builds of Terminal or it’s an error. As previously rumoured, it’s possible that some inbox apps (including Terminal) will be getting rounded corners with the long-rumoured Windows 10 Sun Valley Update. Remember that just because screenshots/mockups are floating around or have been spotted in official apps, that doesn’t necessarily mean the company will go this way as plans are always subject to change.

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