NVIDIA Releases Unreal Engine 4 RTX Technology Showcase Demo


NVIDIA has released a downloadable Unreal Engine 4 RTX Technology Demo that allows developers and other enthusiasts to check out some of the effects that can be enabled via green team’s high-end professional visual computing platform. These include RTX Direct Illumination and RTX Global Illumination, which can dramatically improve the realism and immersion of a scene through realistic lighting, as well as real-time denoisers for improving visual quality when leveraging ray tracing. NVIDIA’s RTX Technology Demo also serves as a showcase for its renowned deep learning super sampling image upscaling technology, DLSS.

Experience the latest NVIDIA RTX technologies available in Unreal Engine 4. Toggle ray tracing on and off between reflections, shadows and translucency to see the impact these features have on the Attic demo and what they could bring to your project. You’ll also learn how RTX Global Illumination adds dynamic range to the scene with multi-bounce indirect lighting. Maximize these ray-tracing settings with DLSS, which will boost the frame-rate of the Attic scene while maintaining a high resolution. In addition, the showcase provides physics and interactivity, making the experience rich and lifelike

Source: NVIDIA

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