Chinese Memory Maker Netac Developing DDR5 RAM Modules That Can Exceed 10 GHz

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Chinese memory maker Netac Technology revealed today that it had received its first batch of DDR5 memory chip samples from Micron for testing. While that development isn’t all that exciting in itself (an increasing number of companies have been sharing their developments on DDR5 memory lately), Netac’s announcement did include the exciting prospect that some of its future DDR5 kits would boast incredible speeds of over 10,000 MHz. In comparison, some of today’s fastest memory lineups, such as Crucial’s Ballistix MAX and G.SKILL’s recently announced extreme-speed DDR4 for the Intel Z590 platform, only feature marketed speeds of around 5,000 MHz.

Netac entered the memory industry in 2018 and has already launched new gaming and localized memory products. It is expected to launch DDR4 gaming RGB light bars in June this year. Combining the past development of memory performance, R&D journey, and the pursuit of player speed, Netac plans to invest in research and development of DDR5 memory products that can reach more than 10000MHz, so stay tuned.

Sources: IT Home, Wccftech

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