NVIDIA CEO Believes Arm Acquisition Should Be Complete in 2022

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NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang discussed his company’s pending acquisition of Arm Limited in an interview with VentureBeat and suggested that the deal would be complete in 2022. He explained that NVIDIA already has a business model of working with partners such as Intel and AMD in the data center market and only develops technology if it doesn’t exist for a particular need. Otherwise, it is happy to work with partners to focus resources in other directions or sell technology to fill those gaps. He cited the new Grace architecture as an example but added that the ARM license, as an open platform, provides a similar path in allowing it to license and sell its chips to more markets. This is further exemplified by the recent news that NVIDIA is developing ARM-based gaming laptops.

ARM and Nvidia are independently and separately excellent businesses, as you know well. We will continue to have excellent separate businesses as we go through this process. However, together we can do many things, and I’ll come back to that. To the beginning of your question, I’m very confident that the regulators will see the wisdom of the transaction. It will provide a surge of innovation. It will create new options for the marketplace. It will allow ARM to be expanded into markets that otherwise are difficult for them to reach themselves.

The regulators will see the wisdom of it, and our discussions with them are as expected and constructive. I’m confident that we’ll still get the deal done in 2022, which is when we expected it in the first place, about 18 months.

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