Andaseat Announces the T-Compact Gaming Chair

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Image: Andaseat

Esport brand Andaseat has announced its latest product, the T-Compact Gaming Chair. Aimed at both demanding gamers and home office users, it features specialized technology called Re-Dense AD+ that is designed to retain shape and prevent the seat from sagging. The chair is covered with breathable linen fabric to help keep things cool when used for long durations. It also features a custom backrest that allows users to recline 90 to 160 degrees. Both lumbar support and a head pillow are provided for increased comfort. The soft PU rubber armrests have 4-dimensional adjustability. It is mounted on an aluminum base with a 100 percent steel frame. Priced at $399.99, the T-Compact Gaming Chair is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of June 15.

Resolved to turn your sedentary fatigue into hours and hours of comfort, AndaSeat combined the latest tech on ergonomics with accumulated expertise in this industry, and built our very own specialized laboratories to run multiple tests, after over a decade of research and efforts, AD+ Design was invented, which stirs the soul by taking gaming to the next level by improving posture, taking the burden of your back and delivering ease over long, hard gaming sessions or working.

Source: Andaseat

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