Image: Iiyama

Display manufacturer Iiyama has announced three new gaming monitors with fast IPS technology for high color accuracy and fast response times. Two are 24- and 27-inch FHD 165 Hz panels with a 0.8 ms response time and AMD FreeSync premium. The other is the GB2770QSU, a 27-inch QHD 165 Hz panel with a 0.5 ms response time AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. They have integrated speakers, a black tuner for clearer shadowed areas, and predefined/custom gaming modes. Prices have not been announced; they are expected to only be available from resellers in Europe and Asia.

Get the competitive edge you need to unleash your full gaming potential. Armed with FreeSync Premium you can make split-second decisions and forget about ghosting effects or smearing issues. The ability to adjust brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner delivers greater viewing performance in shadowed areas and the IPS panel technology guarantees superb image quality. Thanks to the height-adjustable stand you can easily adjust the screen position to your preferences to ensure comfort during marathon gaming sessions.

Source: Iiyama

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  1. [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1621203724015.png”]1055[/ATTACH]

    Iiyama… Loved my 22″ Visionmaster Pro 510 CRT I bought in 2001.

    That thing would curve my desk under its weight, and gave me one hell of a CRT tan, but I loved it.

    I didn’t even realize they were still around!

  2. Had a 19″ with a Trinitron tube that lanned as well. I was younger then…

    Would be nice to see if they kept their skill in color calibration.

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