Here’s How Much Epic Games Store Paid for Each of Its “Free” Games

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Image: Epic Games Store

GameDiscoverCo agency founder and industry insider Simon Carless has shared a document that reveals how much Epic Games paid for its free Epic Games Store titles in its first year of operation, as well as other interesting insights such as the amount of entitlements and the amount of new Epic accounts that each title managed to generate. The most expensive deals were for Warner Bros.’ Batman: Arkham Collection and survival action-adventure game Subnautica, which cost Epic $1,500,000 and $1,400,000, respectively. Epic Games spent the least on 4A Games’ Metro 2033 Redux ($0) and adventure puzzle game Rime ($4,500).

Image: Simon Carless

As many industry figures pointed out on Twitter, those user acquisition cost numbers are awfully low, with Epic picking up nearly five million new users for dollars or cents per person. It is not easy to attract new users to a barebones store when a veritable monopoly like Steam is sitting just across the way—with everybody’s friends also on it—but Epic’s spend-to-win strategy appears to have paid off.

Sources: Simon Carless, Kotaku

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