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The world’s leading semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company, TSMC, is reportedly planning to set up a handful of additional chipmaking factories in Arizona. This is according to sources with Reuters, who told the publication that up to five new fabs are in development for the Grand Canyon State. TSMC’s first Arizona factory, which was announced in May 2020 and currently in progress, is expected to offer a monthly output of 20,000 wafers using its 5-nanometer semiconductor manufacturing technology.

One person with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters the expansion was in response to a request from the U.S., but declined to provide further details. “The United States requested it. Internally TSMC is planning to build up to six fabs,” the person said, adding that it was not possible to give a timeframe.

Source: Reuters

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  1. Given the amount of water used in wafer manufacturing, Arizona always strikes me as a weird place to congregate a bunch of Fabs.
  2. Ground water is a bad idea. The Ogalla Aquifer collapse should teach us all that. Taiwan, weirdly enough, is better positioned because desalination really has no limits. Sure, it is energy expensive but the supply is "limitless’ in a way inland water sources are not.

    Of course it’s bad, Arizona however has very lax laws about ground water use. So there they go. Drill baby drill!

  3. Step one, connect pacific ocean to salton sea.
    Step two pipe slaton sea to desalination plant.
    Step three, nothing to do with Arizona, but water and profit in like 50 different ways.
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