AMD Ryzen 6000 Series “Rembrandt” APUs Rumored to Feature Zen 3+ Cores and Up to 12 RDNA 2 GPU Compute Units

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Image: AMD

Hardware leaker ExecutableFix has shared new rumors pertaining to AMD’s upcoming family of Ryzen 6000 Series APUs. Code named “Rembrandt,” the new lineup is said to improve upon the Ryzen 5000 “Cezanne” Series by leveraging a 6-nanometer process and improved Zen 3 cores (Zen 3+), as well as an RDNA 2-based iGPU that features 12 Compute Units—4 more than Cezanne’s Vega-based graphics solution. Core counts and clock speeds have yet to be revealed, but AMD’s Rembrandt APUs will include support for both PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 memory.

The Ryzen 6000 lineup of Rembrandt APUs is said to offer up to 12 Compute Units. This means we will be getting up to 768 stream processors, a 50% jump from Cezanne parts which feature 512 stream processors based on the older Vega graphics architecture. In addition to the architectural update, we can also expect RDNA 2 iGPUs to feature impressive clock frequencies as seen on the desktop graphics cards.

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