Next-Gen PlayStation VR to Feature 4K Resolution, Foveated Rendering, and Haptic Feedback

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Image: Sony

UploadVR has shared new details pertaining to Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR 2. According to the publication, Sony’s PS VR 2 should be quite an improvement over its predecessor thanks to its higher resolution of 4000×2040 pixels (2000×2040 per eye), a lens separation adjustment dial, and gaze tracking capable of foveated rendering—a technique that decreases hardware requirements by rendering only what the eye needs to see. Sony’s next-generation PS VR headset is also expected to feature a motor for haptic feedback.

Image: Sony

The resolution of the upcoming Sony headset is slightly less than HP Reverb G2 (the current market leader in consumer VR headset resolution) and slightly more than the Oculus Quest 2. The resolution should amount to roughly 8.16 million total pixels. The new VR headset will use a USB Type-C connection between the console and headset. The PlayStation 5 features a single USB-C port on the front of the device.

Sources: UploadVR, RTP Virtual Reality

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