EKWB Releases 90-Degree Pre-Bent Acrylic Tubing

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Image: EKWB

EKWB has released 90-degree pre-bent acrylic tubing to assist builders in implementing liquid cooling solutions in their PCs. Designed to take some of the headaches out of routing and bending acrylic tubing, these tubes can be used with hard tube fittings, either push-in (HDP) or compression (HDC) fittings. Each 6-piece kit comes in 0.8 m lengths that can be cut as needed and is available in three diameter sizes. With glass-like clarity and high resistance to heat, they serve as an alternate to PETG tubing.

Image: EKWB

EK, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is now offering 90-degree pre-bent acrylic tubing to help out liquid cooling beginners and also bring a quality of life improvement for liquid cooling enthusiasts by shortening the time and effort needed to bend the tubing and build the systems.

MSRP (incl. VAT)
EK-Loop Hard Tube 12mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90 – Acrylic (6pcs) $59.99
EK-Loop Hard Tube 14mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90 – Acrylic (6pcs) $64.99
EK-Loop Hard Tube 16mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90 – Acrylic (6pcs) $69.99

Sources: EKWB, OC3D

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