Twitch Introduces Local Subscription Pricing, Reducing the Price of Subscriptions in Some Countries

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Image: Twitch

Twitch has traditionally charged $4.99 a month for users to subscribe to their favorite streamers and enjoy special perks such as live chat privileges and unique emoticons. Going forward, the company will be lowering its standard subscription pricing in many countries to better reflect their cost of living. The first of these price drops will begin on May 20th in Mexico and Turkey, whose users will only have to pay around $2.40 and $1.20 for subscriptions, respectively. Countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East will be able to take advantage of similar cuts beginning in Q3 2021.

[…] Twitch is aware that this could lead to less take-home income for some broadcasters. It’s promising to cover all of a channel’s baseline (that is, typical) subscription revenue for three calendar months and gradually lower those payments over nine months to ease people into the new price structure. Streamers who outperform their averages during the relevant period will get the higher value, but they’ll still be eligible for support from Twitch if numbers drop later.

Sources: Twitch, Engadget

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