Samsung to Build 5-Nanometer EUV Foundry in Austin, TX

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Image: Samsung

Samsung Electronics is planning to build a new 5 nm EUV fab with an expected 2024 completion date in Austin, Texas. A formal joint announcement with President Biden is expected to happen in Washington, DC. This will be the first time that Samsung will have EUV production lines in a country other than South Korea. It will be investing $18 billion into construction. This news follows the founding of the Semiconductors in America Coalition (SIAC); manufacturers from around the world are uniting to build more factories to meet unprecedented demands.

Image: Samsung

It is likely that Samsung Electronics has decided to build EUV foundry lines in the United States because such global companies are concentrated in the United States and there have been increased demands for smaller semiconductors from major companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla. In fact, Texas has started to emerge as a new foothold for IT companies, and global companies such as HP Enterprise and Oracle have moved their headquarters to Texas.

Sources: TechPowerUp, ET News

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