Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition Gets PS5 DualSense Controller Support

Image: 4A Games

4A Games has released a new hotfix for Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition that makes it the first PC game to get official support for Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller, the wireless DualSense. While a direct (wired) connection is required, the update allows users to enjoy many of the controller’s unique features in the survival horror FPS, such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. 4A Games’ Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition hotfix also resolves a small number of issues related to DLC Entitlements, Vsync, and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.

• Fixed issue with DLC Entitlements unlocking incorrectly
• Fixed issue where Vsync would lock to 60fps even when higher refresh rate is possible
• Fixed crash in Two Colonels specific to RTX2060
• Added PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller support

Sources: 4A Games, VGC

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