20-Year-Old Xbox Easter Egg Revealed

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Image: Microsoft

Twenty years after its release, one of the original Xbox developers has revealed an undiscovered Easter egg. It follows a well-known one involving the console’s CD ripping feature. The developer said they had never expected anyone to find it unless the source code leaked or Dashboard was reversed engineered. It seems that this is not the only hidden Easter egg left; there’s at least one more revolving around the Xbox logo displayed during bootup.

1. Go into “Music” and insert an audio CD. (A short album will take less time.)

2. From the Audio CD screen choose “Copy,” “Copy” again, then “New Soundtrack.”

3. Delete the default soundtrack title and replace it with (no quotes) “Timmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” (That’s the letter “y” 26 times. No need to count; just fill the entire field and replace the last one with a “!”.)

4. Sit a spell. Enjoy the sounds of the hard drive stealing the disc’s essence.

5. When ripping completes, back out to the main menu.

6. Choose “Settings” and then “System Info.”

You should now see a new screen, listing members of the “Xbox Dashboard Team.”

Source: Kotaku

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