GIGABYTE Announces AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem. SSD with 2 TB Storage and 7 GB/s Read Speeds with No Throttling

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GIGABYTE has announced its latest premium PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD, the AORUS Gen4 7000s. Equipped with the latest Phison E18 8-channel controller, GIGABYTE’s AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem. SSD is notable for being able to maintain read speeds of up to 7 GB/s and write speeds of up to 6.85 GB/s with no throttling thanks to a cooling solution that comprises an M.2 Thermal Guard with nano-carbon coating, dual-sided thermal conductivity pad, and aluminum M.2 base plate. GIGABYTE recommends that its AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem. SSDs be paired with premium motherboards such as AMD’s x570 and Intel’s Z590 series.


“AORUS Gen4 7000s Prem. SSD uses ultra-durable design and high quality materials for high-speed performance. Moreover, it optimizes the premium thermal standards set by our previous 7000s SSD products to provide users with an outstanding performance. Even without air flow, the thermal solution is capable of preventing the thermal throttling that might occur at high-speed operation of SSD, thus boost the system performance.”

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