Sony Clarifies That God of War: Ragnarok Isn’t the Sequel’s Real Title

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Image: Santa Monica Studio

As part of this week’s IR Day 2021 event, Sony released a slide deck for its Game and Networking Services segment that suggested the next-gen sequel to Santa Monica’s popular action-adventure franchise, God of War, would be titled God of War: Ragnarok. Sony has since backtracked on this revelation by removing the logo from the post-launch lineup portion of its slide deck—apparently, the graphic was fan-made and not official in any capacity. God of War’s creative director and story writer, Cory Barlog, has responded to the mix-up with a Picard GIF to suggest that the PlayStation 5 sequel won’t be called Ragnarok despite some evidence to the contrary.

Image: Sony

Fans have guessed at the sequel to God of War’s name since a dynamic theme appeared in April 2019 teasing that “Ragnarok is coming.” The same phrase appeared in the teaser trailer. Nevertheless, Sony has held off on announcing its official name to this point.

Sources: Sony, IGN

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