AMD Reaches 30 Percent CPU Market Share in Steam Hardware Survey

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Image: Steam

More and more PC gamers are adopting AMD’s Ryzen processors for their gaming needs. This is according to Steam’s latest hardware and software survey, which showed that 30 percent of Steam users (or the ones who opted in to have their data collected, anyway) are now using red team’s CPUs—a subtle but appreciable increase of .65 percent over the previous month. The majority of these AMD processors are clocked at 3.3 GHz to 3.69 GHz.

The survey results showed that AMD‘s share of the CPU market rose from 29.48% in April to 30.13% in May. That follows the same pattern as previous months: The popularity of AMD processors among Steam users has risen by roughly half a percent throughout 2021. Now those incremental gains are starting to add up.

Sources: Steam, Tom’s Hardware

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