First Battlefield VI Gameplay Screenshots Leaked Online

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Image: EA/DICE

The first screenshots for EA and DICE’s sixth installment of Battlefield have leaked online courtesy of a lucky gamer who got to attend a closed-doors preview event featuring the heavily hyped military FPS. There are four screenshots in total, two of which confirm that Battlefield VI will offer Ospreys and tanks as controllable vehicles. EA has also begun sending out cryptic marketing materials to select members of the gaming community that tease Battlefield VI’s narrative ahead of its official reveal on June 9.

According to influencer Tom Henderson, who has published several Battlefield 6 reports over the past few months, some of which have been corroborated by journalists, the game will have a near future setting. It’s said to take place after Battlefield 4 and centre on the “next world war.” USA versus Russia is at the heart of the global conflict and players reportedly assume the role of “an elite unit hired by these superpowers.”

Sources: Imgur, VGC, Tom Henderson

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