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Bosch continues to invest heavily in semiconductor manufacturing amid the global chip shortage. Having already invested over €2.5 billion since 2010, it has now added another billion by opening a new fab in Dresden. The latest fab is located in Silicon Saxony, the largest microelectronics area in Europe. The new state-of-the-art facility will open six months ahead of schedule in July. It currently has 250 employees, but that is expected to increase to 700 by the time it is completed. The fab features machines that “think for themselves” and are equipped with glasses with built-in cameras allowing technicians as far away as Asia to use AR to optimize or troubleshoot production with AI in real-time.

“The new wafer fab is good for Europe, for Germany, and for Saxony. Directly and indirectly, it means many new jobs in a huge growth industry. This billion-euro investment strengthens Silicon Saxony and the entire European semiconductor industry,” said Michael Kretschmer, the minister-president of Saxony.

Sources: Bosch, OC3D

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    200mm wafers but I did not see the node listed.
    Well, being that Bosch is the major investor, this is almost certainly older nodes meant for automotive/consumer goods industry.

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