Microsoft Is Bringing Xbox to Smart TVs and Building Xbox-Branded Streaming Devices

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Image: Microsoft

Xbox fans won’t have to own a console, a Windows 10 PC, or even an Android/iOS mobile device to enjoy Microsoft’s first-party games in the future. In a new Xbox Wire post about broadening the Xbox brand, Microsoft revealed that it is working with TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox experience directly into their upcoming smart TVs. Owners of these Xbox-embedded televisions will be enjoy games without the need for any other hardware aside from a compatible controller. Microsoft also confirmed that it is building its own streaming devices for cloud gaming as another option for Xbox users who’d prefer to keep their required hardware to a minimum.

“We believe that Microsoft can play a leading role in democratizing gaming and defining the future of interactive entertainment,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “ There are really three key areas where we believe we have an incredible competitive advantage:  First, our leadership  in cloud computing. Second, the resources  we  have  to  build our subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. And third, our overall focus on empowering creators.”

Source: Xbox Wire

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