Starlink Dishes Enter Thermal Shutdown and Disconnect after Hitting 122 Degrees Fahrenheit

Image: Starlink

SpaceX’s satellite internet service might be a problem for residents who live in hotter areas. As documented by various beta testers, Starlink’s satellite dishes will enter a thermal shutdown mode when they reach 122 degrees Fahrenheit and lose connectivity, failing to restart until they cool down to 104 degrees. One user tried to speed up the process by pointing a sprinkler at his satellite dish, but the solution was temporary and short lived. Another frustrated user pointed out that the rooftop of his house could easily hit 125 degrees on a 90 degree day, which would make Starlink’s equipment highly impractical during the summer months. Starlink will presumably improve the design of its so-called “Dishy McFlatface” so it can withstand higher temperatures.

Image: Wandering-Coder

“When I stopped the sprinkler, [the dish] heated back up and would cycle back on for a few minutes and go back down for thermal shutdown. The overheating started that day about 11:30 am and came back for good about 7 pm… I’m currently headed to a hardware store to get materials to build a solar shade/sail around the dish to see if it doesn’t impact connection and speed.”

Sources: r/Starlink, ArsTechnica

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