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Steam’s annual summer sale has begun. From now until July 8th at 10 a.m. PT, PC gamers who wish to grow their ever-expanding backlogs can check out Valve’s popular storefront for thousands of games on sale, which include popular hits such as Valheim ($17.99), Battlefield V Definitive Edition ($12.49), and Halo: The Master Chief Collection ($19.99). Valve is also attempting to make its latest Steam Summer Sale more amusing with a text-based mini-game, in which users can select from two possible actions in each of the fourteen “Forge Your Fate” stories found throughout the sale for animated sticker and badge rewards.

Image: Steam

Obviously you are a hero. Everyone says so. But what kind? This year’s summer sale is no ordinary deep discount super sale — you are about to face a gauntlet of short stories, each ending with a choice that will help classify what sort of hero you are.

Source: Steam

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  1. in b4 “steam sales have been crap for a number of years now, ever since they femoved flash sales”

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