MSI to Release MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION Motherboard on July 2

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Image: MSI

Announced back in May, the MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION takes the flagship Intel platform to a whole new level. Featuring 24K gold on the heatsink and other decorations such as the gold dragon logo and platinum-colored audio solution, it is designed to be shown off. Those wishing for the extra luster will have to shell out $629. It will be available on July 2. A certain Austin Powers villain would love to get his hands, or finger, on this premium item.

Besides appearance, the MEG Z590 ACE GOLD EDITION is designed to unlock the full potential of the Intel Z590 chipset by combining heavy-plated VRM heatsink with elite hardware system design. The ACE GOLD EDITION is an outstanding ATX platform for extreme settings, whether it’s for overclocking memory, processor and graphics cards, or pushing immersion at the highest levels.

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