Windows 11 Requirements Cause Surge in TPM Sales, Scalping

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Image: MSI

Windows 11 requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), a security feature that is quickly coming into the spotlight for many consumers. Prices have gone up by as much as ten times, as some modules that sold for around $15 have been seen on eBay for around $100. Numerous outlets have been tracking the trend; some prices are less dramatic but still rising. It is adding to the list of costs for those needing to upgrade components to install the upcoming OS.

Getting a TPM module for your motherboard is definitely going to be a difficult task, as these devices are either out of stock or incredibly expensive. Generally, anything above $20-25 for a simple TPM is too expensive, but thanks to Windows 11 requirements, expect the situation to get worse before it gets better.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Peter Brosdahl
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